Design with a difference

hand-painted illustrations

badgeOur hand-painted packaging design is the result of Birgitte and Richard working closely with a talented artist from New York to capture the organic nature of our brand and the essence of each of our chocolate bars in a visually appealing way. The designs are hand-painted and a lot of love has been put into them. We draw inspiration from the aesthetically rich areas our beans come from, and from the ingredients in our bars.

good for the environment

Not only is our packaging beautiful to look at, but it is also produced on paper that is 100% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, so in some small part is contributing to the global drive for responsible forest management. Our silver inside wrapper is biodegradable and is produced with materials made from sustainably harvested wood.

packaging award

Winner of Award for packing 2014. food + media (mad + medier). The Jury says: “Chocolate and Love conveys a compelling product story, and the hand-painted illustrations with the exotic colours provide the packaging with taste even before you open the chocolate. Aesthetics, ethics and packaging design blends together beautifully and makes Chocolate and Love a natural winner of food + media packaging award 2014”.